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Exclusive Christmas Sale! Get up to 38% OFF. Til Dec 31 ONLY. Shop now!


Are there any side effects?

Peeling may or may not occur for Bring Knee to Life and Peek-ini! If it does, we advise you to moisturise and let your skin rest for a week, then reintroduce the product.


How long will it take to see the results?

Our skin is so amazingly unique, we all have different effects. Some of us saw improvements on week 2, some after 1 bottle, some after just 3 days! So when people ask us how effective it is, we don’t promise how soon it would take effect (we hate false promises too!) It still boils down to how your skin would react. 


Is this refillable? Are your containers returnable?

We’re working on it! We suggest you keep your bottles for now :)


Is it Vegan too?

Not 100% but we made sure that there’s no toxic chemicals :)


Water based or oil based?

Water based.


Does the I Am Booty-ful remove stretch marks?
No. Stretch marks are beautiful! We want you to embrace them like we do!


Does the I Am Booty-ful remove cellulites?

No. Cellulites go beyond the surface level of the skin, far deep that your derma can most likely answer those questions. :)


Can I use Peekini on my vagina or labia?

Our vulvas are really sensitive so we suggest not applying it that far down there. We hear you though! Maybe we can make another formula for those needs. ;)


Can I use any of your products on my armpit?

Our products are specifically formulated for the corresponding parts. We’re currently on the works for the next batch of intimate areas that need some love and armpits might just be a part of it! ;)